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Recorder Resources

October 05, 2014

Rhythm Practice

Click here for the pie rhythm maker to practice your note names and durations.


Treble Clef Practice

How quickly can you name the notes of the treble staff? You can go to Mr. Riley's site and log in to track your score. Teachers, if you are interested in having class accounts created to track your students' scores, please contact Mr. Riley at


Recorder Challenge

Here are the first few songs from the Recorder Challenge book for you to practice at home if you like. Some fifth grade recorder experts have created tutorial videos for these songs to help you practice. I have also included the picture of where to put your fingers on the recorder's tone holes. Remember, BLOW SOFTLY and LEFT HAND ON TOP!!! Teachers, if you are interested in purchasing my Recorder Challenge book for your students, please contact me.

recorder 1b