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What Do Music Teachers Do On Snow Days?

January 07, 2014

What do music teachers do on snow days? Well, today, we danced!

folk dance

Eight of the Hilliard elementary music teachers got together today to learn folk dances we can teach our students. Here are links to the resources we discussed today at our professional development.

  • Les Saluts (p. 125) and Ducec (p. 208), dances from Phyllis Weikart's Teaching Movement and Dance and accompanying CDs, Rhythmically Moving. Note: My copy of the book is the fourth edition, so the page numbers may be different in other editions.
  • Zip It Up dance (p. 12) with music, "Quadrille Jos Bouchard/Reel Beatrice" from the New England Dancing Masters' Sashay the Donut book and CD.
  • Circassian Circle Mixer dance (p. 17) from the New England Dancing Masters' Listen to the Mockingbird book. The music we used with it is "Rambler from Clare/Seeking Turf" by Great Bear Trio from their album, Dancing Again.
  • Gustav's Skol dance (p. 44) and music from the New England Dancing Masters' Sashay the Donut book and CD.

And here is a video of the three dances from the New England Dancing Masters books listed above!

 I love my job! And I am so lucky to work with other music teachers who love it as much as I do. Thanks, friends, for a fun snow day afternoon!