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Upcoming Musical Television Events!

December 02, 2013

In music classes, I have been telling my students about two upcoming musical television events/programs that may be of interest to them and their families. Below is some additional information about The Sound of Music Live! and the return of The Sing-Off for a fourth season.

The Sound of Music Live! starring Carrie Underwood as Maria will air at 8PM on Thursday, December 5 on NBC. Many Washington students have seen the original film version of The Sound of Music during music classes in past years.

The Sing-Off is my favorite singing competition on TV because it showcases a TON of true singing talent. All of the singing groups perform a cappella arrangements of popular songs. No instruments! The judges are extremely knowledgeable about music and about a cappella performance. I learn something new each time I watch. Season 4 premieres at 9PM on Monday, December 9 on NBC. Here are two videos of last season's winning group, Pentatonix. The first video is their first performance during season 3 of The Sing-Off, and the second video is their official music video of The Little Drummer Boy.



I hope that your family considers adding one or both of these television events to your viewing schedule.