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Third Grade Orchestra Family Projects

April 27, 2014

After studying the four orchestra families, I decided to allow my third grade students their choice of how to demonstrate their learning. Each class created a rubric that guided the projects, but it was completely up to the students whether they worked in a small group or alone, and they got to choose the medium for their final product. In order to have their idea approved, they first needed to provide me with a timeline of how they planned to complete the project in only three 50-minute music class periods (only a few groups needed more time, and they finished up during recess or literacy time in their classroom). All of the students used online resources for their research, but the final projects ranged from handwritten books and posters to Pic Collages created on iPads to Keynote and Google presentations. Most of the projects are shown in some format below under each third grade teacher's name. Click any image to view it larger, scroll through all of the images, and/or to download.

Mrs. Laemmle's class gallery

[gallery columns="4" ids="1598,1597,1596,1595,1594,1593,1592,1591,1590,1589,1588,1599,1601,1600,1586,1587"]


Click here to download Caleb and Charlie's Keynote presentation.

Click here to download Arlena and Ashmitha's Keynote presentation.


Mrs. Tackett's class gallery

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Click here to download Adam's Keynote presentation.

Click here to download Mikey's Keynote presentation.

Click here to download Archith's Keynote presentation.

Click here to download Joey and Fide's Keynote presentation.


Mrs. Watkins's class gallery

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Click here to view Brandon and Jackson's Google Doc.